Saturday, September 08, 2007

why do i always have this song in my head.

i don't even know if this is a real song. somebody tell me if this is a real song or if one of my friends made it up. i used to sing it all the time in college.

ANOTHER FRIDAY NIGHT AND I AIN'T GOT NO MONEY (i think it is supposed to be noBODY but i always say no money because come on i have never had nobody in my entire life)

DON'T GOT NO MONEY CAUSE I DON'T GOT A JOB (actually i think this is wrong too i think it's i've got some money cause i just got paid. i always sing the wrong words to songs. yeah i realize my version is redundant, fuck off)


okay i don't remember the last part. i guess i'll go get laid? i guess i'll go get wasted? god i hope this is a real song and i didn't just make it up. i love making up the stupidest songs ever. when i was nine i made one up that goes LIFE'S ABOUT AS MISERABLE AS IT CAN BE NOW. IT COULDN'T GET ANY WORSE IF IT TRIED. i made that up in amsterdam and sung it all around the damn place. don't ask me what is so miserable about being nine and in amsterdam. i guess that you're too young for whores.
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