Friday, September 21, 2007

why am i still hearing about the jena six?

seriously? you would think by now the judge would have been like WHOOPS MY BAD and gave those six kids a scholarship or something. i mean that white kid HUNG NOOSES FROM A TREE. you want to know why i've never hung nooses by a tree? i guess besides not being a racist peice of shit? hm i don't know maybe because I DON'T WANT TO GET BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF BY A BUNCH OF ANGRY BLACK PEOPLE. you can not seriously hang fucking NOOSES from a fucking TREE and then be surprised that black people want to beat the shit out of you. i mean i even kind of want to beat the shit out of that kid and i am not even black and i don't even live in that stupid town. hm i guess this is flawed logic though because if you live in a town that has a WHITE TREE you probably also should not be surprised if you get the death penalty for beating up a white person. THANK GOD I DO NOT LIVE IN JENA. they probably don't like jews there either. seriously are we living in the nineteen forties? do people really hang nooses from trees? and then get in school suspension for it? i got in school suspension one time in high school, i think it was for unexcused absences. which didn't seem so unreasonable at the time but now that i find out i shared a punishment with people who hang nooses from trees i should probably demand those seven hours of my life back. there is a headline for you. OAK PARK TRUANT RECIEVES SAME SENTENCE AS HATE CRIME OFFENDER.
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