Friday, September 14, 2007

i went to a show on wednesday i am not going to say who it was but i am going to say one of the dudes in the band lives downstairs from my friend jenny and he came out onto the porch the other night with a raging boner. i told everyone at the show THAT GUY HAS AN ERECTION PROBLEM. i went to this show right after work so i had to carry around my stupid bike helmet the whole time like a fucking douchebag extrordinaire. yeah i started wearing a bike helmet because my ex boyfriend told me to. like seven hundred other people have told me to and then this guy does and i'm like okay, i will. my helmet is fucking hot pink because my mom felt that she needed to buy me a hot pink helmet for some reason. the fucking thing looks like somebody took a malibu stacey bowling ball chopped it in half and stuck it on my head. wayland smithers would love it! god i just smoked a newport and i think it gave me emphysema. jesus christ. i like how newport ads always have people playing tennis or some shit. alive with pleasure! i practically collapsed smoking that thing just standing there.
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