Friday, September 07, 2007

another friday night

i had big plans tonight to make pan seared tuna steak and dye my hair black and draw and then xan calls and tells me to come over because her brother rented pink flamingos and bring beer. i have no idea what the fuck kind of beer people are drinking these days. i know her brother drinks oldstyle. too bad one time a friend of mine left some oldstyles over here and my roommate would not drink them even though i am pretty sure he is not above drinking listerine for a buzz. plus he likes high life. DECISIONS! also i just made a giant pot of blueberry tea i am going to put that shit in the fridge and be in heaven tomorrow. i hope when i do not show up at the mutiny tonight ed does not call 911. also when i say rented pink flamingos i mean checked it out of the library. did you guys know that the library has better videos than blockbuster? plus i am going to bring the stories of john cheever on the train. possibly i am the biggest loser on the planet because i am disgustingly excited by all of this.
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