Friday, August 10, 2007

your best friend looks like janice from the muppets.

i got a new pair of shoes today. flats! i am forced into wearing flat shoes now because i ride a bike and it is NOT COOL to ride a bike in heels i found out even though i can ride a bike perfectly fine in heels it PISSES THE SHIT out of the other people on bikes. like when you're waiting at an intersection and they notice they will give you dirty looks. they might even ride up next to you and say something about it when the light turns green.

i also get a lot of shit when i hang out with an extremely dear friend of mine because she paid for part of her face. yeah i wish she hadn't paid for part of her face too SO FUCKING WHAT. woah we are obviously all way above her because we don't even care how ugly we are except probably we do care or we wouldn't dedicate seventeen minutes of our lives to talking about a fake peice of fucking face. why people think i care what they have to say about my friend's face i have no idea maybe they think i'm the kind of person who is like bursting at the seams to trash my own friends because of what they decide they want their stupid face to look like. i hope not.

i don't think that anybody is better than me which might be megalomaniacal of me but really i don't think that i am better than anyone else either. it doesn't matter what your face looks like or what your bike looks like or what your report card looks like what your city looks like what your fingernails look like what your god looks like all of that shit is fucking stupid and we are all exactly the same.
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