Friday, August 17, 2007

that's where jesus left his sandals.

my little brother is moving to dekalb tomorrow. dekalb! i lived in dekalb for six years and i fucking loved it. i think that the main street is named after the guy that invented barbed wire's daughter! they have a diner where i'm pretty sure the entire cast of polyester came to die! everyone in town is either 20 or a toothless derelict! to all my friends who made fun of me for going to college in the middle of nowhere, while you guys were watching the commish with your parents i was watching my roommates cremate their dead hedgehog in the parking lot! suck on that!

418! that is where all my friends lived! we burned it down! it's the one house in the town thats tennants always look like they might be squatters! too bad we are the only ones that burned it down! we win! that is the real reason everyone should go to college. you get to live in a place where you can throw your friends through the walls and nobody cares! nobody thinks it is strange if you are perpetually drunk during the day!

i don't want to help my brother move but i will! yay dekalb!
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