Friday, August 31, 2007

the publishing industry is lying to us.

i bet you guys like how every time i talk about something it is because i hate it. i must hate everything. like every time i see a movie it is THE WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. and then everything i don't hate i am like IT WAS OKAY I GUESS. i will tell you about a book that was okay. everything is illuminated. totally okay. except i am such a damn fool i was expecting it to be brilliant because the back cover said BRILLIANT in enormous yellow letters. i know, can you even believe a literate person would believe the back of a book? i was so confused after i finished reading it. where was all the brilliance? am i dumb? didn't i already read 100 years of solitude? see how i was left with all these questions, it is like everything was illuminated except me. and i know it was not brilliant because my mom didn't think it was brilliant either and i'm pretty sure my mom thought the davinci code was brilliant.

don't ask me how i failed to notice until just now that the front cover says ZESTFULLY IMAGINED on it.
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