Wednesday, August 29, 2007

my girl wants to party all the time

if i ever got an abortion i would totally tell the guy. haha NOT. like i need some sentimental bag of dicks raining on my abortion parade. abortions are supposed to be about eating fried chicken and vomiting all over your friends and telling them that you created the miracle of life inside yourself. god abortion parties are awesome. everyone has to indulge you because they don't know if you have post traumatic stress or not. you can make them do whatever you want. you can give them all your pain pills because they are probably not helping anyway and then you can conduct them in a rousing rendition of the brian peppers song. i guess if i ever had an abortion i would probably put it in a jar for a year and have a birthday party for it. i could bring it to work on take your daughter to work day.
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