Wednesday, August 01, 2007

i have known people for 15 years who have never seen me cry

today at work i was looking for change to get a v8 except i didn't have any change so i walked around aimlessly for nine minutes instead and when i came back there was a dollar on my desk. I HAVE A BENEVOLENT BENEFACTOR IN THE OFFICE. probably it is the nineteen year old next to me since i am pretty sure he thinks i am on the verge of complete mental collapse as he is the only one whose desk is situated so he can watch me sit at my desk and cry all day I ACTUALLY DO THIS. it's these fucking letters people write me they break my heart man. it's their fucking handwriting i never go mental when i read the typed ones, it's the handwritten xerox that fucking kills me. and there is nothing inherently sad about these letters. so i'm pretty sure the kid next to me thinks i am permanently in the midst of a psychotic episode. I BETTER GET THIS BITCH A V8 BEFORE SHE RIPS HER OWN FACE OFF WITH THE STAPLE REMOVER.
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