Thursday, July 12, 2007

wow i have the internet again.

i love how at&t decides it doesn't want to let me have the internet for five days like three times a year. it is truly fantastic. i really don't get to talk to robots on the phone enough. the one i just talked to was super annoying because it kept sighing when it couldn't understand me which was like the whole time because i kept telling it to shut up and that i didn't care. thank you at&t for programing your robot phone to demonstrate the human emotion of frustration. today i frustrated a robot, i must be a hero.

today at work i got to write letters to people who are like contesting foreclosure or whatever. except instead of using the templates i wrote ones that actually make sense. hi let me send you a letter about how you are wrong and i am right with a bunch of documents, oh sorry EXHIBITS, that make no sense and then a bunch of absurd words that are supposed to elucidate the situation but instead make you feel like a fucking idiot. then i will take your house.

i was just talking to xan about how this guy wanted to give me diamond earrings one time and i told him i would sell them to the pawn shop. because i will not wear earrings because i get cysts in my ears and i will not wear diamonds because they are stupid. buying a diamond is like if i started selling dandelions from my backyard and i somehow convinced everyone that if they don't have dandelions from my backyard at their wedding their boyfriend doesn't love them. and is poor. and then i start chopping people's hands off. hi would you like to buy a bucket of dandelions from my yard for $500? anyway xan said something about how i never wear jewelry and when i do it's always a stupid plastic bracelet that i only wear because i like taking it off and playing with it. it's strange the things people notice about other people.

hm i was going to write about this book i just read but then i got distracted by robots and dandelions and exhibits. sorry.
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