Sunday, June 17, 2007

i don't even like pharmeceutical drugs but i had to take a painkiller to fix my life yesterday and i am sitting at the bar staring at the wall and having an important conversation with myself inside my warm little head and this guy comes up to sabrina and is like I GUESS ME AND MY AIR FORCE BUDDIES CAN COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND GANGBANG YOU AND I GUESS PROBABLY THAT CHICK NEXT TO YOU TOO. and she is like THAT IS HER BOYFRIEND I GUESS YOU SHOULD ASK HIM. he didn't ask because he probably didn't want to get his head slammed in a car door by an underfed maniac. then after everyone left except me and sabrina he came back to ask us if we were sure we didn't want to get a train pulled on us or something and that is when i realized he was wearing a dog collar. that was also when ed had to throw him out because ed is like my creepy bar dad. my creepy bar dad that probably wants to molest all my friends, but still my creepy bar dad, and apparently i am not getting raped on his watch even if he has to sneak me out the back and WALK ME HOME because arnold friend decided to wait outside for us while staring in like a psycho. this is the part where i say WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. who walks up to people and asks them if they want to be gang raped by him and his imaginary friends. because i didn't even see any friends. i guess maybe they were outside in the gold convertible waiting for him to break in the screen door. SORRY SIR IT TURNS OUT MY RAPE CARD IS FULL THIS EVENING. PERHAPS ANOTHER TIME. jesus.
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