Friday, May 04, 2007

yet i don't get road rage on my bike even though i am pretty sure cars are trying to run me over on purpose

i just had this thing at school and i drove there because i am an idiot and then on the way home i dropped fernando off at the mercantile exchange because i am the nicest person EVER and it took me two hours to get home from there which is like 5 miles I COULD HAVE WALKED HOME BY THEN ACTUALLY I COULD HAVE WALKED HOME TWICE I AM NOT KIDDING.

i wonder if other people get as pissed off in their cars as i do, today i seriously thought my heart was going to explode from hate. then i got a migrane. a migrane of hate. then when i'm in a car i always think about the other people in the other cars. being in a car is so strange, it's like a million people doing something alone together. usually they are all bound by hate like the third reich. probably if we could channel all of that rage it could be like a great renewable resource and we could all live in heaven. one time i almost got raped and i think it inspired slightly less rage in me than being in the car today.

i guess this is the part where i make up a theory about how people actually need to hate and if they don't have an opressive government or something to hate they will hate the guy sitting in the car next to them instead. like if some lady from darfur came here she would be like WOAH LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE ALL ANGRY FOR NO REASON I AM NEVER GOING TO BE ANGRY AGAIN AS LONG AS NOBODY RAPES MY FAMILY ANYMORE but then after like 5 rape free months she is going to be enraged to the point of tears when some retard cuts in front of her at the grocery store just like everybody else. wow i am not sure if that thought was very calming or very distressing i think i have to lie down now.
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