Tuesday, May 01, 2007

cool people buy their bikes from the store

i am trying to get my boyfriend to show me how to fix my bike except i guess he wants me to be dependent on him for all my bike needs or something or he thinks i am incredibly stupid because he will not show me how to do it. probably he thinks i am incredibly stupid because here is the conversation that proceded him not showing me how to fix my bike.

me: show me how to fix my brakes.
him: what's wrong with your brakes.
me: i don't know they're fucked up just show me.
him: fucked up like how.
me: i don't know i was messing with them and now they are all fucked up.
him: they weren't fucked up before you messed with them?
me: no.
him: why were you messing with them?
me: i don't know you clearly have no idea who you are dealing with here.

then he somehow fixed my bike while blocking me from seeing what he was doing because he is a jerk. sorry i am not cool because i did not build my own bike. i guess i should probably get a fixed gear bike or something so i can be cool and my boyfriend will like me again. OH DO YOU LIKE MY NEW FIXED GEAR BIKE I MADE IT MYSELF IF ONLY I HAD AN ALLOVER PRINT JEREMY FISH HOODIE I COULD BE COOLER THAN YOU.

it seems like people are always talking about how they built their bikes i mean how hard could it be it isn't a fucking car.
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