Monday, March 19, 2007

these boots make me want to kill people

i went to the drake with my dad on saturday to eat snails for his birthday or whatever and i don't know what happened because on friday i looked like a pockmarked street whore and then on saturday i woke up filled with magical prettiness or something i don't know but everyone at the restaurant kept looking at me and it made me nervous and i guess i was yelling because my dad told me to be quiet except he was drunk so i was like YOU ARE CRAZY AND DRUNK I WILL NOT AND BESIDES EVERYONE IN HERE IS STARING AT ME ANYWAY. i wasn't drinking and i have no idea what my dad was talking about the whole time. if i was pretty every day and people looked at me all the time i think i would walk around completely filled with rage and probably stab someone in the eye eventually. i hate people looking at me.
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