Thursday, March 01, 2007

last night i dreamed i had worms under my skin like i could see them crawling around in there they were thin like a piece of yarn and like half an inch and right below the surface and you could see them slaloming all around in there and it was FUCKING SICK. and they itched too. and if you itched them hard and broke the skin you could maybe pull them out maybe not they were fast as fuck. also when you pulled them out they grew so it was like i don't know pulling yarn out of a skein or whatever the fuck yarn comes in but anyway like how you keep pulling it and it will come out forever. yeah it wasn't totally disgusting or anything. oh yeah also i didn't want anybody to know i had worms in my skin because i still wanted to like hang out and stuff even though i had a highly communicable growing worm disease. like anybody is not going to notice that i am scabbing bloody worms from under my skin. you should be glad you're not me because i dream about this type of shit all the time and also when i am awake. okay i just wanted to let you know how disgusting that was.
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