Friday, March 02, 2007

here is another story about worms for you

i guess you actually CAN get worms under your skin my crazy friend thought she had them. i can't decide if i should try to find a picture of this or not. ew okay it turns out theyr'e called guinea worms or some shit and you do not want to see a picture of it. they are just like my dream holy shit i think i am making up diseases in my mind and it turns out they are real it is like i am psychic i hope i don't actually have a guinea worms. my friend didn't think she had guinea worms she thought she had this other kind.

okay gross i was just trying to find out about the other kind for you and instead i found out when you have a guinea worm you get BLISTERS and they pop and BABY WORMS COME EXPLODING OUT. also if you have a worm in your rectum you can set a trap for it with tape SIGN ME UP TO PUT GO TO SLEEP WITH TAPE ON MY BUTTHOLE SO IN THE MORNING MAYBE I CAN PULL A GIANT WORM OUT OF IT. oh my fucking god.

i was going to tell you this really disgusting story about my friend who lives in mexico and had a massive tapeworm but i think i have already given you enough disgusting information for the time being.
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