Wednesday, March 21, 2007

god i get so restless this time of year.

sometimes i meet a girl who throws bottles through windows and condescends to maitre d-s until we get a table we never had reservations for at a hotel we are not staying at and we wear a bra on our head and later i get invited spend passover with her family in new york and i go because a one way ticket costs less than a bike lock. it's like if you spend enough time screaming at someone like HEY YOU FAT STUPID WHORE GET ME CHEETOS AND PEDIA-LITE NOW NOW NOW AND TRY NOT TO VOMIT IN ANY PLASTIC BAGS ON THE WAY HOME they have no choice but to invite you to the seder because clearly you are family. i have no impulse control. i can't help it i just get so bored all the time. do they have a pill for that yet?
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