Wednesday, February 21, 2007

she was proof against cleverness; she was proof against charm

i spent the whole day wearing a tiara around the house yesterday. then i put ten necklaces on my dog and declared her the queen of mardi gras. also i made up songs about it. the best one was called fat head tuesday because my dog has a fat head. oh my god i am so amused by myself.

i am going to sit here and bite my cuticles and stare in the mirror for the rest of the night.

that was a joke actually i am going to finish reading babylon revisited because i have a giant boner for f scott fitzgerald. if i ever met a guy who could write like that i would pretty much have to kill my damn self. good thing i probalby never will so i get to stay alive. here's to hoping i never meet anyone that interests me more than i interest myself HA.
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