Friday, February 23, 2007

listening to morrisey in public

i don't know if i'm the most charming bitch at the bar or what but i'm pretty sure i made a straight chick fall in love with me last night. i don't even know where this crazy chick came from but she was like I LOVE YOU. NO SERIOUSLY I.LOVE.YOU. and then she made me take her phone number. I GOT THE DIGITS. haha. she lives in pilsen i guess we could probably go on a platonic lesbian date to the white palace or something. even though i didn't remember her name after she told me all about her abortion she still was running around me screaming I DON'T EVEN LIKE GIRLS AND YOU ARE FABULOUS! I DON'T EVEN LIKE GIRLS! uh woah okay. then she made her friend take pictures of us. okay i am not doing a good job conveying how hilarious this was.

UH OH LIVE BLOGGING: i am talking to this guy on google chat right now and he just told me my face has character or something. UH DID I JUST GET CALLED UGLY BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT HATCHET FACE SAYS. THERE'S NOTHING THE MATTER WITH MY FACE I'VE GOT CHARACTER. whatever sometimes i wish i was hatchet face.

okay i'm going to delilah's now for morrisey night aka let's get drunk and listen to the poster boy for being a pussy cry melodiously.
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