Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy vd

too bad nobody gets to see my valentines i made this year because they are all black and white pictures of people i know with self indulgent crying music lyrics on them. and then on the back they say stuff like HAPPY VALENTINES DAY I HOPE YOU DON'T TRY TO KILL YOURSELF LIKE THIS KID DID. you know. in general inappropriate.

here i don't know this kid i found him on google images.

the back should probably say something like HAPPY VDAY MAYBE YOU SHOULD STOP BEING SUCH A CHEATING WHORE.

if i got a valentine like that i would probably love and cherish it forever. i was going to make abortion theme valentines this year except i couldn't find any realistic pictures of abortions on the internet. according to the internet a six week abortion looks like a miniature seven year old UH SORRY INTERNET THIS IS WHAT A SIX WEEK ABORTION LOOKS LIKE:

i think i am going to have to create the miracle of life inside msyelf so i can kill and photograph it for my valentines next year. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY I'M GLAD YOUR MOM DIDN'T ABORT YOU LIKE SHE WANTED TO.
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