Tuesday, January 16, 2007

what did the five fingers say to the face

i have a problem with slapping people. i already knew i had a problem with burning people and biting them which you probably think would mean i'm universally hated but no people actually do not even care. this is proof that i can do whatever the fuck i want. so now what i want to do is slap people. i think they like it even more than being burned and bitten. like i slapped the shit out of this dude in tahoe and also i decided his new name was going to be ron emmanuel and i called him his new name while i slapped him ten times. and he's like OH MY GOD WHO IS THIS CHICK I LOVE HER. which kind of sucked because they whole point of slapping someone and also including the special kind of improved slapping where you smash your hand in thier face and push their head as hard as you can yeah these activities are supposed to make someone hate you. you know because you hate them and their stupid ferregamo belt and how they keep talking about how their dad is a millionaire. but no they love it for some reason and then they love you and they won't go away but do they even buy you a drink NO because their dad CUT THEM OFF and then they are a huge fucking dick to the bartender and say shit like HOW DARE YOU DECLINE MY CARD I WAS GOING TO LEAVE YOU A GREAT TIP BUT NOT NOW! jesus i start typing and it's like woah who knew i had this much pent up hatred towards ron emmanuel. maybe my next three posts can be about people i hated in the state of california. including forty year old lady that threatened to hit me and stupid jackass at the bar who thought the celestine prophecy was the best book of all time and aslo that homosexual males were a myth.
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