Saturday, January 13, 2007

aw that's cute how you thought i was honest

as it turns out a) i don't actually need glasses b) i've probably fucked guys that wear glasses anyway make that i definitely have.

also you guys would not belive the comments i get why do you think i have to moderate my comments probably because i am FULLY HATE-ABLE and also a dictator on the side NOBODY HATES ME ON MY BLOG BECAUSE I AM THE PRESIDENT AND ALSO THE KING OF IT.

anyway according to my beautiful anonymous commentors (we are all made of stars) i am a GOLDDIGGER and i should GO TO THE EYEDOCTOR BECAUSE I AM A BIMBO. AND ALSO UGLY. AND STUPID DON'T FORGET STUPID. um hi telling me i am ugly and stupid is like telling me i have a small penis.

i hope i'm not a gold digger (that is actually two words, who knew) because if i was i would like to think that i would be smart enough to start dating people who actually have jobs. yes it's true i prefer derelicts. probably i have been reading too much nelson algren.

good night and good luck.
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