Friday, December 08, 2006

the world's gone mad

i have this friend i don't even like. i have never had a friend i did not like before and i am blaming myspace. here is how myspace ruins your life. 1. you meet an annoying person and stupidly accept their myspace friend request. 2. your retarded friends leave comments like SEE YOU AT THE MUTINY AT 11PM THAT IS WESTERN AND FULLERTON RIGHT? 11PM!!! 3. annoying person shows up everywhere you are at AS IF BY MAGIC. 4. your friends start to refer to annoying person as ERIN'S ANNOYING FRIEND because obviously he is your friend he is everywhere you are and you now have a friend you do not like by default. 5. annoying person further forces himself into your life by striking up myspace friendships with everyone you know. 6. you are horrified when you elude him for the night only to have him show up where you are at WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND. did you really bring him here??? BETRAYAL!!! 7. someone comes to pick you up and asks you why annoying person is sitting in his car two doors down from your house. 8. annoying person posts personal ad on craigslist in which he mentions what a bitch you are for never calling him back. 9. i don't even know what nine is. 9. you kill him?

only myspace could foster a friendship between me and a person so irritating that i finally had to tell him LOOK. IF YOU DO NOT STOP TALKING I AM GOING TO TAKE MY SHOE OFF AND STAB YOU IN THE EYE.
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