Sunday, December 03, 2006

my apartment is magic

it is like 20 degrees outside and still we do not have the heat on because our apartment is MAGICAL i am not even wearing sweaters or anything actually i am walking around the house in green shorts and a wifebeater and our gas bill was $11 also four people can take showers in a row and there is hot water for everyone and our refrigerator is so cold that food lasts forever. if you are wondering why four people would be taking showers at my apartment it is because i am running a youth hostel here. there is snow all over our skylights and the trees and everything and i am pretending i live in a CHALET.

you know how in the little princess she becomes like basically an urchin and she has to be all creative and like pretend her situation is improved in order to keep from hanging herself from the rafters or whatever? i do that too except i am like thirty years old practically and also not getting my ears boxed on the regular by my bitch headmistress at boarding school. also when i was younger instead of pretending i was a princess or whatever i used to imagine i lived in a sewer and had no parents or that me and chris folk were the only un brainwashed humans in a police state of evil cyborgs and were subjected to daily torture. i am going to pretend that this was like a byproduct of middle class suburban angst and not because i was a completely fucking bizzare child.
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