Wednesday, December 13, 2006


i had a picture of a really awesome mutant baby laying in a pile of blood and sinew that i was going to put up here like I AM SO AWESOME THAT WHEN I WAS BORN MANY YEARS AGO TODAY I EXPLODED MY MOM'S VAGINA WITH AWESOMENESS! is that something you really want to see on this glorious day i am not sure check one for yes two for no.
exploded vaginas are something i want to see when i come here
no free polls

yes. many years ago today i was born mere months after my dad stole my mom from her husband. woah my dad is also a homewrecking cunt shark now i know where i got my pure bitch genius gene THANKS DAD. THANKS GOD.

it's true. pete doherty and i have something in common other than the fact that we both enjoy shooting our own blood at reporters out of dirty needles. pete doherty and i also share a timeline for my, and i'm sure also his, goal to join the twenty seven club.

i plan to go out with a bang AND a wimper when jeremy sisto chokes me to death while fucking.
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