Wednesday, December 06, 2006

i'm swayze

i just spent twenty minutes trying to get a method man cd to play by licking it and wiping it on my ass before i figured out all i had to do was blow in the cd player nintendo cartridge style WHO KNEW. i am testing my thesis that method man has the sexiest voice in the universe. OH GOD. and i am not a girl that cares what someone's voice sounds like i mean practically everyone i've ever dated sounds like some kind of fucking cartoon character. anyway method man. shit that is a fucking sexy voice. especially when he says shit like DRINKING 90 PROOF UH VODKA NO OJ NO STRAW. that sounds like foreplay to me no matter who is saying it. i should bring someone home tonight and make him fuck me while we listen to method man and drink vodka out of the bottle. yeah i'm pretty sure i'm never going to have a boyfriend again.
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