Sunday, December 10, 2006

i'd hit it.

this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.

i have a type and this is it. except pretend he has a needle sticking out of his arm. this pretty much looks exactly like the great true love of my life that i probably should have married because both our ideas of a grade A good time was sitting on the ground at meig's field and watching airplanes take off.

anyway i actually would not hit that because i am celibate now, it's true.

oh god paul denton i would totally give up celibacy for you if you weren't a raging homo.

it is really sad when you have to give up fucking because you can't even fuck a guy these days without him trying to make you his girlfriend. DUDE WE CAN FUCK EACH OTHER AND ALSO OTHER PEOPLE THIS SHOULD BE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE. fucking feminists had to ruin men THANKS A LOT ELIZABETH CADY STANTON. i mean i like voting but not as much as i would like it if it had never become okay for dudes to have feelings.

seriously even sean batemen fell in love with lauren who was in love with victor who was in love with himself and that other girl was in love with sean and then she killed herself because he wouldn't look at her and paul denton the fucking most gorgeous guy on the planet is in love with sean and somehow NOBODY is in love with him except for me and i'm not even in the movie and this is what life is like.

this is a real person named ian something paul denton is a fictional character.

i like how i get crushes on fictional characters instead of the actors that play them this probalby says something deep and profound about me.
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