Tuesday, November 28, 2006

yes i stole a car on friday

okay i hung out with sabrina this weekend yes she is awesome in person except her tits are EVEN BIGGER! that is the main difference. also she can actually drink as much as she says she can and i apparently can drink as much as she says she can also AND STEAL A CAR DURING A DRUNKEN BLACKOUT! no you are not going to get details because like jimmy breslin says i don't want to go to jail. however i think the car belonged to a person named ron bey who writes BAD BAD POETRY. here is an example of something ron bay thinks sounds good. WEST NILE IN DENIAL OF TOXIC RAIN.

also i drunkenly drove her to the airport at 4am and sent her home with a pin for her little sister that says ASK ME ABOUT THE CHIHUAHUA RACES. in conclusion i am a good host and a drunk the end.
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