Monday, November 13, 2006


i have a super hard time not laughing at funerals for some reason so it's probably pretty good that i didn't go to my cousin's mom's funeral last week because
apparently the husband gave a eulogy that ended with him screaming SHEEE RAAAA!!! really screaming. she ra. like the princess of power. my brother told me this story after i yelled at my family for making fun of my uncle all the time. STOP MAKING FUN OF HIM HE IS MENTALLY ILL AND I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO IT. i think everyone felt pretty awesome then like woah our degenerate daughter is morally superior to us. anyway at second city they were doing improv and the audience is yelling shit out for them to do and the girl is like OK WHAT IS THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE THING YOU GUYS HAVE SEEN AT A FUNERAL? i think we all spit our drinks all over each other at that point. thinking about this guy screaming about she ra at the pulpit is way fucking funnier than anything i heard at second city.

oh man thank god that guy is famous enough to be on google images because he is seriously fucking hilarious looking. i can only hope that at my funeral someone will reference jem.
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