Sunday, November 12, 2006

i was at this party last night and half my friends wanted to go to some bar i forget what it was called but it was like 110am and this bar closed at 2 and instead of telling them they were stupid i left when they weren't looking because i am socially awkward and then i went to the mutiny. there was some band there and the singer had red hair and he looked like a leprachaun and he was wearing some shirt that kind of looked like the shirt i was wearing so i kept saying i was going to go up to him and say NICE SHIRT EITHER WE ARE SOULMATES OR... okay now i can't remember the last part but basically it was about how he was wearing a girl shirt. whatever it was i'm pretty sure it was good because jenny asked me if i made it up myself. the moral of the story is that i am hilarious.

i am going to second city later for my mom's birthday and i should probably bring a notebook so i can write down funny shit they say and repeat it at crappy ameteur stand up night at the mutiny tonight and be way funnier than everyone else who is talking about fighting sharks with lasers on their heads and how black people don't eat peanut butter. UM HELLO BLACK PEOPLE TOTALLY EAT PEANUT BUTTER I'VE SEEN IT BEFORE. okay that originally said UM HELLO BLACK PEOPLE TOTALLY EAT PEANUT BUTTER I KNOW BECAUSE THEY SELL IT AT ALDI but i am not trying to be racist here. probably i shouldn't even go to the mutiny tonight probably i should drink tea and go to bed at 9 or something. haha like that is really going to happen.
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