Wednesday, November 01, 2006

don't worry hey no need to hide behind the trees

draw your caricature on rice paper careful not to rip it don't you want it to go down easier when you crush it down my throat?

on the couch you can barely see the church outside your sweating windows it's cold outside you can feel his head on your legs while you talk about everything but death and taxes and it's lonely when you're not alone.

and words richochet off the walls never really going anywhere and you can't even hear them because you're listening to the woosh of blood inside yourself transporting oxygen recycled from someone else's lungs not his obviously your carbon was never bonded to his hydrogen in the land before time but that's okay because if it was you might want to kill him and you wouldn't know why scratch at his veins to get it back but as it is you're content in this less than bloodthirsty situation being lonely with someone else for a little while.
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