Wednesday, October 18, 2006

text messaging in your pocket YEAH RIGHT MATT DAMON

i just made steaks YUM MOTHERFUCKING YUM. here is the secret to steaks. buy the cheapest ones you can find the ones i just made were like two dollars marinate the shit out of them and eat them so raw the inside is still cold.

i am going to bed early because i am wholesome now. unlike last night when i was stumbling home from the bar at 3am screaming YOU KNOW WHAT LIFE IS A FUCKING SHAM. god damn i get smart when i am drunk. god damn i get violent hiccups when i am drunk.

i actually made it in to work three days this week. this is like a huge accomplishment for me. also i will be going in to work tomorrow. oh my god it is almost like i am a real person.

am i the only person in the world who didn't like the departed? hit me up if you thought this movie was boring and or dumb as hell.

ps. i wrote this last night can someone please tell me why it is just now showing up?
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