Sunday, October 15, 2006

i walked to the bar by myself i just got back i'm kind of drunk. yes i got drunk by myself shut up. okay i did not actually get drunk by myself i had some beers with my roommate and then he left to walk around and take low light pictures or some shit and then i walked to the bar by myself and had some beers with some old guy named charlie who is legally blind and carries around a tape recorder to record hilarious shit. aka me in 40 years if i was a guy and named charlie. i just wrote me in 20 years and then i realized i will not be 63 in 20 years. NOT TOO DRUNK TO EDIT. and then i got home and my roommate was like woah you actually went to the bar i didn't think you were going to. because he was supposed to meet me there. and i was like pfft whatever it was fucking stand up night dude i got free cigarettes and beer. also i got to hear a bunch of shitty stand up which i wasn't paying attention to because it was not as hilarious as a fucking old dude talking about masturbating. here is an example of stand up comedy at the mutiny. I WANT TO SEE A FIGHT BETWEEN THE SEARS TOWER AND THE HANCOCK BUILDING. I MEAN THE SEARS TOWER IS FUCKING TOUGH THAT BITCH ALREADY LOOKS LIKE SOMEBODY TOOK A CHUNK OUT OF IT'S HEAD. also i just made that funnier when i wrote it down. OH HERE'S A GOOD ONE. HOW ABOUT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER VERSUS AN AIRPLANE. WHAT IF THE AIRPLANE HAD A LASER COMING OUT OF ITS HEAD. okay seriously. hancock versus sears? one is like a giant cock and the other one is shaped like a giant pack of cigarettes. WHICH ONE DO I LIKE MORE? WHO KNOWS. i just made that one up. HILARIOUS IMPROV. okay time to make grilled cheese.
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