Tuesday, October 10, 2006

god is a dj

Erin: wanna see what dj i dont think i should use?

me: yeah

Erin: check out this dudes web site

me: oh jesus nice flyer.

Erin: this is the kinda crap i have to sort though
im not kidding
i know

me: can i put that on my blog ? please?

Erin: he sounded so awesome on the phone.
you should
it's unbelievable

me: i'm going to.
it's the funniest shit ever.
why does the flier look like it's for a cult?

Erin: no shit

me: seriously.

Erin: is that jesus in the picture

me: it's either jesus or the white osama bin laden.

Erin: do you see why finding people for a wedding is SO time consuming
it's hard to find people for a good price that ARE NOT CRAZY
i think it is osama bin laden

me: you should just have a crazy wedding.
i want osama bin laden to spin at your wedding.

Erin: oh god
no thanks

me: do you think he will actually wear a turban?
do you think he will actually be covered in prisms?

Erin: prisms!

me: also he will be good to have around IN CASE THE RAPTURE OCCURS.
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