Saturday, September 09, 2006

who wants to take care of me

i've had a sore throat for like four days and i finally decided to look at it in the mirror like my mom used to do. this is what a mom is for. to make you do shit you hate when you are younger like eating chicken soup and you are like uh mom what is so special about the combination of chicken and carrots and water that is supposed to magically cure disease. but then when you are older you are like I DON'T FEEL GOOD I NEED MAGICAL DISEASE CURING CHICKEN SOUP.

so i think i have strep throat or something which is completely awesome because i do not have health insurance. maybe i will die from untreated strep throat like my ballerina ancestor sadie did in 1906. i wonder if my ex boyfriend is still the benefactor of my life insurance policy he probably is because i don't remember changing it ever. too bad i never told him he stood to profit off my death because i didn't want him to kill me. yes i can be in love with a guy for seven years and still wonder if he might kill me one day.

that is the good thing about having a boyfriend. they will make you tea and shit when you are sick. except the bad thing about having a boyfriend is that they might ruin your life. so you know, weigh those pros and cons or whatever.

time to make chamomille tea and try to scrape this white shit off my tonsils with a butter knife.
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