Wednesday, September 20, 2006

tell me something nice please because no one i know in real life is going to

i am sick and i just went to the grocery store and bought honey nut cheerios and also honey to put on the honey nut cheerios and soy milk because even though i did not used to listen to my mom when she said not to drink milk when you have a sinus infection it sounds like a pretty good idea now. oh yeah also i got orange juice and kleenex and shit. i have never bought kleenex before in my life and i almost had a panic attack looking at the kleenex because there are like ten thousand and seven different boxes and they are all ugly as hell. like so ugly i don't want to have to see it. i got one that looks like a morning glory farm in spain or something. by far the best looking kleenex box at jewel.

also i refuse to buy cigarettes so i am pretty much going crazy. cigarettes are so fucking expensive it is like only rich people can afford to smoke them. i'm surprised they're not a fucking status symbol or something by now. like all the girls flock to the guy at the bar that is smoking two cigarettes at once and has cigarettes behind his ears and rolled up in his shirt sleeve.

now is a good time for not smoking because it doesn't even matter how much of a giant bitch i turn into because everyone fucking hates me anyway. my favorite person in the world told me he hates me and never wants to see me again. thanks for making me cry when my fucking sinuses are already fucked. obviously i have incredibly low standards for how people can behave and still be considered my favorite people.

also i bought some tabloids at the store because i can't focus my eyes on text for some reason so i might as well look at pictures and find out who is ugly and who is not. maybe i am developing hysterical blindness. i think i should probably be medicated.

oh yeah i was lying about getting orange juice i actually got ORANGEADE. i don't even know what that is but hopefully it is better than orange juice that shit is fucking sick.
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