Sunday, September 10, 2006

in defense of secrets/eight things

1. i bought the book the tin drum by gunther grass pretty much because i liked how the cover looked.

i never finished reading it because it was too fucking hard.

2. at my grandfather's funeral i felt lonely for god even though i don't believe in god and i am never going to and i don't even want to.

3. you know how people yawn when other people yawn? i don't do that. and it makes me wonder if maybe i completely lack empathy or something. oh my god that would be horrible.

4. i was eating a chicken pot pie a few months ago and i don't even like chicken pot pies and i started hating myself while i was eating it and i knew i was going to throw up after i ate it but did i stop eating it no.

5. if there is any type of paper product in front of me i will rip it into little peices and roll them up into balls.

6. i pretty much have no fucking clue how to use a semi colon.

7. i know i am not a good writer because when i read things i've written i can tell what books i was probably reading at the time.

8. sometimes i am not sure what the difference between love and pity is.
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