Tuesday, September 05, 2006

i take really good care of myself

i just ate a giant bowl of frozen peas because i pretty much ate nothing but hotdogs and fried chicken for the past three days. hotdogs on a bun chicken on a wing chicken on a leg hotdogs wrapped in bacon fried chicken skin i found stuck to my back and then ate because i eat fried chicken in my bed i live in my bed. and then suddenly i was like OH MY GOD IF I DO NOT EAT SOMETHING GREEN RIGHT NOW I THINK I AM GOING TO DIE OR ELSE ALL MY HAIR WILL START FALLING OUT OR SOMETHING.

also when i say frozen peas i am not trying to describe the type of peas i ate i am trying to describe the manner in which i prepared them. if ripping open a bag and eating peas straight out of it counts as preperation. my mom used to feed me and my brother frozen peas because it was the only way we would eat them. i wonder if my brother still eats frozen peas. i wonder if i'm the only one who never grew up and is never going to grow up.

seriously what is the point of growing up anyway if you're not going to walk to tobacoville in a little boys undershirt and sweatpants that are falling down and falling apart what is the point of growing up if you aren't going to eat frozen peas straight out of the bag. am i a trainwreck if i think the best thing about growing up is not having to do shit like pick your clothes up off the floor and eat the pot roast your mom makes you eat even though you hate it? if i wanted to put shoes on to go outside and take showers every day and use silverware and stuff i might as well be six years old again really.
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