Thursday, September 21, 2006

dear person who wrote the stupidest letter ever into newsweek

yeah so did you guys know pluto is not a planet anymore? PLUTO IS NOT A PLANET ANY MORE. i think this happened about two months ago i don't know i skipped the article in newsweek because it wasn't about jonbenet ramsey or bridezillas. i read the letters people wrote about the article though because reading letters people write into magazines is one of my favorite things to do. it is like a foray into the minds of idiots. like the lady who wrote about the familiar children's verse of planets and how sure kids now won't care but for people who grew up with pluto it is engraved into their minds and is going to be hard to forget. i don't even know this so called children's verse. actually i didn't even know there were nine planets. i doubt i even know what they are. uh earth mars jupiter saturn mercury uranus venus pluto. yeah i am definitely missing one planet. or maybe two because i have no idea if venus is actually a planet. please don't make fun of me if i made that up. anyway the totally stupid part was the part where the lady was like WHEN I GREW UP THERE WERE NINE PLANETS. WHEN MY CHILDREN GROW UP THERE WILL BE EIGHT PLANETS. TO ME THIS IS RIDICULOUS! yeah it is totally ridiculous that the presentation of new information would prompt people to correct things OH MY GOD SO CRAZY.
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