Thursday, August 17, 2006

one time when i was like i don't know 11 or 13 or something there was a browns chicken massacre in palatine like all these people got killed execution style. the workers. and then the killer told his girlfriend and like ten years later she told her new boyfriend about it which is totally something i would do. like hey did i ever tell you about that one time my boyfriend went out for fried chicken and came home telling me about how he just executed seven people in a walk in cooler and they never even got caught it was TOTALLY CRAZY. that was like last year. it is so great that they are now solving the crimes of my youth.

jonbenet ramsey! i am pretty glad my parents didn't name me jonbenet. some reason i had a dream about jonbenet ramsey last night something about a pedophile. weird! anyway i guess i am psychic or else it has something to do with falling asleep in a drunken stupor with the news on because i get to work today and my computer tells me that this guy who if you saw him on the street you would think hm, now there is a guy who probably likes raping little kids has confessed to accidentally having sex with and killing jonbenet ramsey. wierd. i hope i don't accidentally have sex with a little kid one day. that would be totally awkward.

so it is pretty awesome that now a whole new generation of 10 year olds will get to see this picture.

it is also pretty awesome that i can't remember if my dad wears glasses or not but the image of jonbenet ramsey is etched into my brain until the end of time.
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