Friday, August 18, 2006

i just talked on the phone to someone until his phone died. or until he got sick of listening to me smoke ten hundred cigarette butts and talk about how i have better morals than god and pretended his phone died. whatever. i usually hate talking on the phone. better morals than god? holy shit i am so funny.

i also talked on the phone to my mom this morning. that was probably very special for her because usually i wait until she calls me seventeen times before i call her back and when i do i'm like JESUS WHAT DO YOU WANT??? also she called me a drifter the other day so she should be extra glad i answered the phone. 'remember when i worked at the mental health clinic and i had that boss pat?' she said. 'yeah that lady was a bitch!' and my mom goes, 'SHE DIED' then we both bursted out laughing for ten minutes. woah i'm starting to think my mom might have been cool once.

then later me and my dog whored ourselves out for wciu channel 26 the u. this was definitely the awesomest thing that happened to me today. even though i am probably going to throw up when i see myself on tv in ripped up jeans and a bikini talking about how me and my cute ass dog love to watch bernie mac.

i have a paycheck sitting here with a lighter on top of it and for some reason i just had an overwhelming urge to light it on fire. this is like those times i'm driving and suddenly wonder if i should smash my car into the median for no reason. why does my brain hate me?
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