Tuesday, August 15, 2006

get yourself a fag rag

little miss sunshine. fucking hilarious. sometimes i want really bad things to happen to me where i then try to kill myself but i fuck up and then after that every single thing that happens to me is fucking hilarious.

then i could go on a roadtrip with some crazy ass family and say the most sarcastic things ever and greg kinnear calls me a loser and i don't even care because seriously i want to be dead.

also i want to be seventy years old and be like fuck yes i totally carry heroin in my fannypack i snort that shit on the daily i am fucking seventy I'M OLD!

sometimes i try to spiral my life out of control except nobody thinks this is amusing except for me DON'T YOU PEOPLE GET THAT I AM WILLING TO TURN MY WHOLE LIFE INTO PERFORMANCE ART FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT THAT IS SACRIFICE!

anyway go see little miss sunshine.
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