Wednesday, August 09, 2006

free to be without the worries of a quick to diss society, mr. wendall's a bum.

when i was in grade school me and my friends had like logos kind of for ourselves like to put on stupid notes we wrote each other or whatever. mine was a fictional character i made up named wendy who was like my alter ego i guess and lived in a box in the alley. a girl scout cookie box. like the big brown cardboard box all the cookies come in, not like the glossy red box that says tagalongs on it. i am trying to paint a picture for you here. also she was named after that arrested development song mr. wendall. he gives me some knowledge, i buy him some shoes. who didn't love arrested development in 1989. nobody i want to know. anyway i think it's kind of funny that even when i was nine people were predicting that i would grow up to be a derelict.

and i really might end up living in a box because i haven't found a place to live next month and by haven't found i mean haven't looked and by haven't looked i mean i am so irresponsible i can't even stand it.

i guess the vagrant streak runs deep in me because despite being overly educated and everything i still have this intense urge to eat ramen noodles and bounce rent checks and like not wear clean clothes. go 'head mr. wendall.
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