Tuesday, July 25, 2006

little boxes on the hillside

i stayed up all night on sunday. i saw a seventy year old security guard ride past on his bike like seven times. he was wearing an orange reflector vest and i think it was his first time ever riding a bike. the suburbs are pretty bizzare but like in a subdued way. maybe i should watch blue velvet again. maybe i should read bullet park again.

on monday i went to a funeral in the ugliest church i have ever seen in my life. my uncle used to take me to churches when i was little. i don't believe in god. we went to look architecture. stained glass. this church had stained glass. i bet it was made in a factory. a stained glass factory where they make windows and hangings with pictures of azaleas and canaries and frank lloyd wright-esque colored blocks and jesus in a crown of thorns rolling his eyes. this church looked like a gym. everything was white and i think the whole place might have been made out of plastic. fischer price. this church is going to get old and become a relic and there will be newer and uglier churches and people will say why don't they make beautiful churches anymore like that fischer price one? thank god i will be dead by then.

in the suburbs i think everyone i see might be a repressed murderer.
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