Friday, July 28, 2006

i like sleeping under my desk like george costanza except i read under there

i just finished the great gatsby agin. what a fucking good book. even though i don't think there's a good quality in anyone in it. they are all fucking delusional. daisy buchannon, i want to shoot her in the face. what a complete waste of space. that's okay. we are all pretty much a waste of space anyway. the first time i read this book when i was 13 or whatever i think i felt sorry for daisy. fucking bitch. rich people, man. i wish i was still in that creative writing class where my professor told me my protaganist wasn't likable enough, i would be like UH MAYBE YOU FORGOT TO READ THAT GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL BY F SCOTT FITZGERALD. LIKABLE CHARACTERS ARE TOTALLY OVERRATED.

oh my god this book is so good i don't believe i read it for school. i think it was the same year i read the scarlet letter aka the same year i learned that reading is not fun. okay reading is totally fun but i'm surprised i ever did it again after that awful book.

time to go on and read interviews of authors i like and click on the authors they reference and make a list of the next twenty books i'm going to read.
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