Thursday, July 13, 2006

i am the false character that follows the name around

i took the train to work because my key broke off in my bike lock and i had to cut it off with bolt cutters and now i have no bike lock. so i came into work late on purpose so i wouldn't have to get on the trian with thirteen thousand suit and gym shoes wearing people like the kind of people who actually go to work on time.

anyway i sit down next to this guy on the platform waiting for the train and he asked me like how long i think it takes to get to jackson and i told him 15 minutes and he said 'don't tell me that!' anyway then i got out my book and he asked me what i was reading and i showed it to him and he said if i like don delillo i should read underworld.

THIS GUY WAS ACTUALLY CUTE AS HELL. i also look cute as hell today because my hair is so dirty i can put it wherever i want and it will pretty much stay there. actually i don't know if he was talking to me because i am so fucking cute or if he was talking to me because i sat down next to him on the ground. TWO CUTE AS HELL PEOPLE WITH AN AFFINITY FOR DON DELILLO AND SITTING ON DIRTY SURFACES. why did i not give this guy my number?

probably the only thing better than this would be like if i was rummaging through a dumpster and my hand touched some dude's hand that was rummaging through the same dumpster and we looked at each other and immediately started fucking in the dumpster. and the dumpster was full of books.
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