Tuesday, July 11, 2006

chet riley (is my boyfriend)

comment posted on the myspace page of candlebox upon their request of the friendship of yammertime, the alter ego of my esteemed friend chet riley, alias sir chandler tiles:

7/11/2006 1:05 AM

i hated your music back when i was like 5 years old, and face it u dont see many street savy radio listen'in mutha fuckin RuFF nex who are 5 years old, so when i got your friend request i was more than excited to know that you guys are still crankin out the same radio friendly crap that you were when dressin like hobos in shit stained flannels, shooting dope in a gutter outside your mansion while getting bjs from a hooker who looks like a hot ass older woman in the shadows but is really in fact a transexual whos proably infested wit da HIV and listening to garbage on the radio such as u when silver chair was proably the coolest thing.

thanx for the awful songs and thanx for the friend request, i always got yo backs out here if you wanna play at a high school graduation, school dance, bowling alley, gentlemans club, steak houses, or just on the street. i could probably get you a gig with my main man Now and Then, even though we r like fuckin best friends he still wont accept my friend request.

My plan is this, i wanna fly you guys out here via small private jet, or hover craft of some sort(similar 2 the ones in Tron, minus the virtual reality animation and what not), but Now and Then will b here via satelitte/ large screen TV, kind of like Bono at the awards, he's gonna call the shots, he's gonna c just how high u boys r willing 2 take it, the venue is gonna b the local Park distrect facility, and u guys r gonna battle it out, until there is one left standing, the crowd will decide it in a frenzied fashion, similar to kinda of like a gladitor event, more recent though, think Mad Max 3, Thunderdome type shit, but instead of chain saws, shanks, hammers, dog whistles and the lovely Tina Turner, there will be raging guitars, doped out singing, about as much pizza, sodas, and italians beefs that u can handle, and your nearly extinct fan based so give a fax.
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