Tuesday, June 27, 2006

welcome back kotter

jessica came home from brasil today and gave me a whole bag of shit. that i actually liked. that is how you can tell people aren't total idiots because they buy you shit that you like and not shit that they like. even though i am one of those idiots like where i get my brother a bret easton ellis book AND THE MOVIE for christmas and i am like oh my god i am a gift giving genius and then he is like uh thanks i guess. and then i remember my brother might not even know how to read. sorry i am trying to give the gift of making people more like me aka awesome.

also the gift i give everyone is welcome to the monkey house and then they think i was actually paying attention when they said they loved kurt vonnegut that one time. um no probably i was thinking about my cuticles when you said that. and duh everyone likes kurt vonnegut.

if anybody would like to buy me any really thoughtful gifts i am in the market for sweatbands. for my head.
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