Sunday, June 04, 2006


et says: i am going to make a questionaire for you. application to date you.

et says: would you have sex with me behind a dumpster?

et says: and would you have sex with me behind a dumpster.

erin mastermind says: yeah that pretty much sums it up.

et says: would you drink out of a warm forty?

et says: would you eat day old pizza out of a car?

erin mastermind says: bonus points if you would eat day old pizza out of the garbage.

et says: do you wash your sheets?

erin mastermind says: wait we do or don't want them to wash their sheets?

et says: no you like guys that don't wash their sheets.

erin mastermind says: it is great to hear what you think of me.

erin mastermind says: i guess i don't wash my sheets either though.

et says: you don't even have sheets. dude you are kind of a disaster.

erin mastermind says: I AM NOT A DISASTER!

et says: yes you are.

erin mastermind says: NO I AM NOT. wait, how so?

et says: i don't know. like you you never go to work and your cell phone is shut off all the time. and you have fleas and are quitting school.

erin mastermind says: wow i guess i actually am a disaster. fuck.

et says: i mean you're not a total disaster.

erin mastermind says: yes. yes i am. thanks for letting me know i guess.
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