Thursday, June 29, 2006

tell me more tell me more was it love at first sight

taking the blue line to work fucking sucks. i mean yeah one time i was reading the soft machine on there and ended up having a twenty minute conversation about william s burroughs with a recent incarnate of sammy davis junior but all the other days i end up standing in a fat man's armpit getting hit by the doors every time they open. and i can not justify paying four dollars a day for this. so i got an old bike out of my parents basement and made BIG PLANS to start riding my awesome new 1968 schwinn collegiate to work every day and i got a bike lock and some new brake pads and everything and then i never rode to work. that was like two weeks ago.

and then yesterday i was looking at the fucking pink sparkly helmet my mom bought me that is still sitting in the box it came in and i wondered AM I SCARED TO RIDE MY BIKE THROUGH DOWNTOWN CHICAGO? because i am not scared to do anything. so today i rode my bike to work and it was fucking awesome.

i wore a skirt because i didn't want to get my pants stuck in the gear and smash onto the street and get run over by a yellow cab. riding a bike in a skirt is fucking delightful.

i am not even supposed to work on friday but i might come in anyway just so i can ride my bike over here. SCHWING!
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